Jocelyn's Top 5: Fitness Goal Tips and Tricks

You know you need it in your life. You know you want it in your life. BUT, you are having a hard time getting started and staying committed to your health and fitness.

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This is totally normal, and something that happens all too often for women wanting to make a change for the better. There is this vicious cycle of wanting to start, actually starting, and then staying committed. We get it, we’ve been there and we know. That is why I am so passionate about putting this blog post together for you! Ash and I say it all the time, it’s all about that starting point. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but you can’t go anywhere until you just start.

Today, I am giving you 5 tips and tricks for getting started and staying committed so that you can finally reach your fitness goals.

You have to have a WHY.

There is a reason you are wanting to start a new way of life in a quest to find the best version of you. Dig deep to know and understand your why behind the desire to start a new fitness regimen. REMEMBER IT DAILY. Post it on your bathroom mirror or somewhere you can see it every day. There are going to be days you are not motivated, or days when you think you want to give up. Remember your why and stay the course.

Start small!

Small changes over time equal long-term success. Ash and I have been on a newfound fitness journey for almost 3 years. It all started after each of us had baby number 3 in October of 2016; we were out of shape and felt like we would never get back to ourselves. Big picture, it seemed all too overwhelming and a never-ending giant hill we had to climb. We started small, moving our bodies just 10 minutes a day, 3 times per week. It seemed silly and pointless, but it wasn’t. It began to train our minds to be consistent and to start a habit, and our bodies followed. Before we knew it, we jumped right into Kayla Itsines 12-week Bikini Body Guide program. Ash committed to 3 days per week, and I committed to 5. These commitments worked for each of us and we both had success, but perhaps BBG is not your cup of tea. That is okay. There are tons of programs out there, it’s just a matter of finding one that is right for you. After 60 weeks of BBG, Ash and I decided to make a pivot and try The New Thin by Ashleigh Dilello; it’s an amazing program that provides a wealth of knowledge, not just in the fitness area, but in the diet and nutrition. Ashley did a comparison blog post on the 2 workout plans that you can find here! Like I mentioned above, there are amazing programs out there. It’s all about finding what works for you, but most importantly it’s finding the one that makes you want to come back for more. Remember, something is better than nothing and a workout today will only make you stronger for tomorrow. Just start and do not be afraid to start small.  


Stay consistent.

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Once you commit to making a change to your health and fitness, it is crucial to not give up. Stay consistent in your workout regimen and make a plan each week in advance, then work the plan. You owe it to yourself! I like to sit down every Friday morning and map out my week, starting with the following Monday. I plan our dinners for the week as well as my workout week – from what I am training to what time I plan to do it. I look at everything going on during the week (in my weekly planner) between my work schedule, my husband’s work schedule, the kids’ activities, and any weekend plans we might have. From there, I plan accordingly and execute the plan, checking off one day at a time. I always include an extra day for a workout because it never fails that something comes up and a workout doesn’t happen. That is okay! Life happens so just shake it off and pick back up the next day. You can also utilize our goal tracker by downloading it here!


Make it convenient for you.

Whether you are working out from home, in a gym, or a boutique studio, find what works for you and makes you want to come back for more. Personally, my time is limited but fitness is so important to me for my mental well-being. I do not prefer the extra time it takes to get to the gym, park, get in the gym, drop my stuff off, etc. Instead, I love to wake up early, walk outside and get my sweat on in less than 10 minutes after waking up. I can get a quick and effective workout in at home and with minimal equipment. Below are a few of my inexpensive equipment suggestions for just starting out:

If you want to get fancy and have a few more options, here are some of my favs that I also use now on my fitness journey but didn’t start out with.

Set small goals and then reward yourself each time those goals are achieved!

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You should be so proud of your accomplishments, and it only makes sense to reward yourself! Starting out in my fitness journey, I would reward myself every 4 weeks for staying consistent in my work outs at least 3 times a week. I knew if I was putting the time and effort in, the end goal would come. I have a previous blog post specifically talking about setting SMART goals to success- you can read it here to learn more on the topic of goal setting. But getting back to the point, my rewards would consist of new fitness apparel, anything from a new pair of shoes to new leggings or some fun new sports bras. Dressing the part always gave me a little more pep in my step to get out of bed for my morning workout. It may sound silly, but give it a try! I’ve also linked a few of my all-time favorite workout pieces that I have purchased over the years as rewards during my fitness journey:

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Those are my top 5 tips and tricks to getting started, staying committed, and reaching your fitness goals! You can do this, I know you can. Just remember - one day at a time, and one step at a time. Something is better than nothing, and each day you workout is a little bit stronger and that much closer to reaching your fitness goals. One thing I did not mention but feel is important to add - don’t be afraid to take progress pictures. I would suggest documenting pictures starting out, again at 4 weeks and every 4 weeks after. Keep the pictures consistent with the same background and lighting. You will be surprised with the changes you will find by those pictures!

Sometimes it’s easier said than done and you may need a little help or accountability. That is okay, that’s what Ash and I are here for. If this is something you need, please free to reach out to us here so we can further discuss our group training options, our online accountability program or individual 1-on-1 coaching and personal training. We are Certified Personal Trainers through NASM and ready to help you finally reach your true fitness goals!


Let’s do this, babe! Good luck and you got this - one day at a time!