30-Minute Upper Body Burner

Have half an hour and the need to sweat? Turn up the heat with this 30-minute upper body burner! You’ll be sure to build muscle and burn fat in this quick workout that packs a punch.

This workout consists of 3 circuits, each containing 2 strength exercises and 1 cardio exercise.

Repeat each circuit, for a total of 3 rounds (1 or 2 rounds for beginners) before moving on to the next circuit.

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30 Minute Upper Body Burner Workout:

Circuit 1

1. Dumbbell bench press (12-15)

2. Superman Push-up (12)

3. X Mountain Climbers (45 seconds)

Circuit 2

1. Dips (12-15)

2. Double Pulse pronated cobra (20)

3. Plank Jacks (45 seconds)

Circuit 3

1. Lateral Raise Bicep Curl (12-15)

2. Pike push-up (12)

3. Plank riser steps - can be done on the bottom step (45 seconds)

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